Total Organizational Approach

We want to make your organization a culture that uses physical and psychological safety as a starting point for engagement and empowerment.

Leadership Coaching, Team Building, Goal Setting/Delegation, & Work Assessments


“Great course. I have been to many classes of this nature but have never attended one this good.”

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About Us

Our beliefs

People are integral to an organization’s culture, success, and future. We believe that through a safety-first approach, a company can evolve its teams to next-level performance. Safety is physical, psychological, and social. It all begins with good leadership.

Who we are

Our owner, Dr. Mark French, has over 20 years of human resources and safety experience. He is a certified safety professional, a senior professional in human resources, and an emergency medical technician. He has studied chemistry, safety, business, and industrial and organizational psychology. Mark is energic, analytical, practical, friendly, and lean-minded while always advocating that our greatest asset is our people.

How we can help

Safety Consulting

  • Technical Auditing
  • NSC First Aid / CPR / AED Certifications
  • Training Events
  • Policy Creation
  • Root Cause / Corrective Action
  • Speaker / Presenter

People & Leadership

  • Myers-Briggs Type Assessment
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation Behavior (FIRO-B)
  • DiSC Profiles
  • Clifton’s Strength Coach
  • Communication Style Assessments
  • SLII Model Training and Practice
  • Leadership Development / Team Building

Interact Live

Where you can find us?

Pending Next Appearance

Episode 93 – Risk Perception Leading and Learning Through Safety

When our team performs work that varies from high to low risk, we have to assure that they stay calibrated to the real risk. It is easy to think of the relative risk rather than the actual risk of the work being performed. 
  1. Episode 93 – Risk Perception
  2. Episode 92 – Child Labor Violations
  3. Episode 91 Contractor Compliance
  4. Episode 90 Contractor Evaluation
  5. Episode 89 – Whistleblower