About Us

TSD Amalgamated is owned and operated by Mark A French

Mark has worked in various industries from steel, automotive, food manufacturing, chemical, nuclear, and warehousing. Each of these ranging from continuous improvement, turn-arounds, and start-ups. Mark has help positions that included: Safety, Health, Medical, Human Resources, Security, and Environmental. With a BS in Chemistry, a Masters in Business Administration, and as a Ph.D candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, he is ready and able to help transform your company’s culture. Mark’s credentials include being a Certified Safety Professional, Associate Safety Professional, Emergency Medical Technician – Basic, and Six Sigma Green Belt.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that fundamentally safety is an integral and essential part of any functioning organization. Without a sense of safety, the people in a organization will not develop into a fully functional team. It is through safety that a culture of ownership, critical thinking, and employee engagement is truly harnessed across all aspects of an organization. Safety can be that watershed event that takes your business to the next level as it touches the core value of every employee and builds upon the primal needs of self, belonging, team, and accomplishment.

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