We offer a wide range of occupational safety services with each custom tailored to your needs.


1) Written Programs

Our process is to get to know you and your company. The program will be designed with your specific protocols and processes. This will not be an “insert name here” kind of process. It will be an interactive organizational specific program that helps you achieve sustainability in your safety processes. We even have experience with third party review organizations such as ISNet World.


2) Leadership and Technical Training

Our training programs range from compliance based to program based to leadership and behavioral safety systems. The goal of a good training program should be to engage, educate, and relate to the real situations your team encounters. We highly recommended that training be conducted when creating or revising and written program and most of the time it is required.


3) Technical Auditing

We can put our experience to work for you by helping to identify and correct workplace hazards. Safety programs and compliance are not usually stand alone programs. At TSD Amalgamated, we have audited in areas such as automotive facilities, food manufactures, and organization in the energy sector.  Each of these bring along various specific hazards that have far reaching implications across various regulatory bodies. We want to help you to mitigate those common pitfalls.


4) Systems Auditing

With experience in ISO and Responsible Care along with creating functional and evolving safety systems, we can review, evaluate, and help improve the systems that make your safety processes thrive. A good safety system is more than just the sum of the parts. It is a process that should help grow, sustain, and improve your core safety programs.


5) Behavioral Auditing

Regulatory compliance more than ever depends on the engagement of your team at all levels of your organization. We are here to help you better understand the real causes of common behavioral issues. Through a systemic approach behaviors can be observed, quantified, and improved. We believe that safety motivation is the gateway for your company to breakthrough with total employee engagement. This is the reason we love safety so much. It is the first step in making a real and true connection with your team.


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